We welcome the opportunity we have been given to marry adults within the Chaplaincy and to help you through procedures that are often complicated beecause we have to comply with the laws of the countries from which you come, as well as those of the UAE. We believe that marriage is a gift of God and is one of the most important steps we can take in our lives. We want your wedding day to be a special time and are happy to offer any help or advice that we can give.

For wedding enquires, please visit our Chaplaincy office or call on +971 4 3370247 / +971 4 3340506.
We are only authorised to perform wedding in the Chaplaincy compounds but a second thanksgiving service may take place elsewhere as appropriate.



Service Timings


09:30 AM Holy Communion
11:00 AM Junior Church
11:00 AM Pathfinders 


08:00 AM Holy Communion
07:30 PM Holy Communion