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I lived in Dubai for 25 years I am ever thankful to this church and the thrift center and all the ladies who provided me company and happiness. god bless all.
Chris Paiva June 02, 2015
When I first entered the church If took me some time to realize if I am in my own church. And after meeting Fr. Ruwan and having a friendly chat with him it really made me say yes I am there. I thank My Lord for bringing me to his holy temple and making me feel like home even though I have no much of time to spend in the church. I will Say the Church is a “HOME A WAY FROM HOME”. God Bless You all!!! In Christ Suzette Kelaart
Suzette Kelaart December 19, 2013
"The very first thing I noticed was the friendly people. Every single person who looked my family’s way smiled and said hello. It was great to see that everyone enjoyed being at church and showed their enjoyment openly."
nimmi July 08, 2013